Rug Guide

Rug Guide

From choosing the right style to measuring and maintenance, we’ve rounded up all you need to know.

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Outdoor Rug Construction and Care

With durable materials and proper maintenance and storage, your rugs will last for years and maintain their good looks.

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5 Places You Need an Outdoor Rug

A rug outside? Yes! Here are all the places you didn’t even know needed an outdoor rug.

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Why We Love Outdoor Rugs (And You Will Too)

Versatile, easy to clean and fade resistant – outdoor rugs are a must-have.

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  • Can I vacuum my rug? Most rugs can be vacuumed, but depending on the material and construction, you may need to do so with the roller brush turned off. Always check the care instructions on your specific style of rug. Learn more about rug care and maintenance here.
  • Rug pads – do you sell them? Do I need them? We carry a variety of rug pads to suit any type of surface, whether indoors or out. And yes, you definitely need them! A rug without a rug pad can be a safety issue, especially on wood or tile floors. If the rug moves or flips up it could cause someone to trip or slip, and a rug pad helps prevent this from happening. Rug pads also offer plenty of other benefits as well, such as protecting your floors from wear and tear, offering a little extra cushioning and prolonging the life of your rug.
  • Do I need rug pads for hide rugs such as sheepskin or cow hide? Yes, for all the reasons listed above. However, we recommend using a thin, non-slip pad so the rug stays flush with the ground.
  • Does the shape of my dining room rug need to match the shape of my table? Using the same shape of rug as your table is the most classic way to style your dining room, but you can always showcase your personal style by switching it up.
  • I want to make my kitchen feel a little warmer and more welcoming. What type of rug should I use? Indoor/outdoor rugs or performance rugs are great for kitchens due to how easy they are to clean. We also offer kitchen mats with memory foam that feature unmatched cushioning and support if you are spending a lot of time on your feet cooking.
  • What does Easy Care mean? Easy Care refers to power-loomed rugs that can be easily cleaned and don’t need a lot of maintenance. Spot clean, vacuum and voilà!
  • What does “pile” mean? Pile is the height of the rug or the thickness of the rug material.
  • What kind of rug works best in a high-traffic area? Either an indoor/outdoor rug or a performance rug. Both are very durable and easy to keep clean.
  • What material makes up the most durable rugs? Polyester. The fibers don’t break down as readily as natural fibers, and the material is better suited to resist wear and tear.
  • What are the different types of rug construction?

    Cotton: Many flat-weave rugs are woven from cotton. Cotton is easy to dye, so vibrant and colorful pieces can be created from it for a bold statement in any room. Cotton tends to stain easier than synthetic rugs, as it is naturally absorbent.

    Hand-Hooked: Hand-hooked rugs use the same process as tufted rugs, but the yarns are looped back through the fabric backing. They are soft and plush, usually with a thick pile.

    Tufted: Tufted rugs are constructed by punching individual yarns through a fabric backing and held into place with a top sheet of fabric. Tufted rugs are generally thicker and have a very dense pile.

    High-pile/Shag: A rug made with extra-long fibers that create a fluffy or furry look.

    Knotted: A rug woven using a specific technique where each yarn is knotted by hand, resulting in a cushioned hand feel and soft texture.

    Flat-weave: Instead of a pile that rises several inches off the ground, a flat-weave rug will remain flush with the floor.

    Handmade: Handmade rugs tend to have impeccable quality and last longer. They are also likely to feature more intricate detailing.

    Synthetic/Performance: Made by machine and power loomed, these extremely durable rugs are typically resistant to stains.

  • What differentiates an indoor rug from an outdoor rug? You can put outdoor rugs inside or outside. The difference is that an outdoor rug is weather resistant and anti-microbial so it won’t collect mold or mildew if it gets damp.
  • Can natural texture weaves be used outdoors? No. Natural materials are not mold/mildew resistant and will break down when left in the elements.
  • How should I choose between a statement rug and a neutral rug? A statement rug is nice when the other elements in your room are more neutral. If you have a beige sofa and gray walls, a statement rug can really shine. If you have a lot going on decor-wise – color, pattern and texture – then a neutral rug can help ground the room.
  • How should I keep my rug clean? We recommend vacuuming 1-2 times weekly to reduce shedding. You can also brush, sweep or beat your rugs, but never put them in the washing machine. Take your rug in for a professional cleaning every 2-3 years.
  • Can I hose off my rug? Only outdoor rugs should be hosed down to clean.
  • How should I clean a hide rug? Brush the fur (especially long fur, like sheepskin) to avoid tangling. Spot clean using corn or potato starch. Once your rug is dry, brush off the remaining particles.
  • How long will my rug last? The life of your rug will vary depending on the type of rug and amount of wear and tear.
  • How do I repair a rug if it’s ripped or in need of repairs? If your rug is damaged, take it to a professional rug cleaning and repair service to be mended.
  • How do I place rugs in the bedroom? Check out our video or blog post about rug placement.
  • What is the best type of rug for people with young children or pets? Performance rugs are not only super soft, but they are also easy to clean – definitely a win-win for a home with little ones or furry friends. Check out our pet friendly rugs as well.
  • Can my outdoor rug be used inside? What are advantages to buying outdoor rugs for indoors? Outdoor rugs can be used inside or outside. Because they are low maintenance, easy to clean and durable, you might find they are a nice alternative for highly trafficked areas in your home. They’re also a great option if you have a pet that is accident prone.
  • What is an outdoor rug typically made from? Polypropylene, a synthetic material ideal for withstanding the outdoor elements.
  • How are outdoor rugs made? All of our outdoor rugs are powerloomed by machine.
  • Can natural element rugs, such as jute or sisal be used outdoors? For best results and long-term durability, polypropylene rugs are recommended for outdoor spaces exposed to weather. Natural fibers are great for outdoor covered use, but can break down if exposed to the elements for an extended period of time.
  • How do I clean my outdoor rug? Clean your rug by simply hosing it off. Allow up to 8 hours for it to fully dry.
  • Do outdoor rugs need to be under cover or are they okay to use in open air spaces? Outdoor rugs will last longer when under cover, but they are crafted to withstand the elements for multiple seasons while resisting mold and mildew (and maintaining their color).
  • Are outdoor rugs pretreated not to fade with sun exposure? Yes. All our outdoor rugs are specially made to resist fading.
  • Can I place my outdoor rug on grass or gravel? Yes! You can place your outdoor rug on any surface.
Performance Rugs

Performance Rugs

Stain resistant and power-loomed to retain quality and color for years on end, our performance rugs can do no wrong. All the elements to make these easy-to-care-for rugs last are woven into the construction.

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Measuring & How-Tos

Rug Guide Dos and Don’ts

We tackle common missteps to ensure your rug is nothing but an asset to your home.

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How to Choose the Right Rug for Every Room

Not sure how to measure or pick the right shape or style of rug? We’re here to help.

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Rug Layering 101

Take your styling to the next level with the look of layered rugs. We’ll show you how.

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Easy To Clean

Easy to Clean

The synthetic fabrics and construction of a performance rug are designed to resist stains, so spills can be easily blotted out, and dirt can be brushed off or vacuumed.

Woven to Last

Woven to Last

Our performance rugs are designed to resist fading and stand up to everyday wear and tear. The hues and detailed patterns will look just as great in 5 years as they did the day you unrolled the rug onto your floor.

At Home Anywhere

At Home Anywhere

In addition to their artful and eye-catching designs, performance rugs are created specifically to hold up in high-traffic areas. They’ll naturally absorb and dampen sounds, cutting down on noise both within a room and in the room below it.

What kind of rug works best in a high-traffic area?

Either an indoor/outdoor rug or a performance rug. Both are very durable and easy to keep clean.

High-Low Rugs

High-Low Rugs

Bring texture and dimension to your space with power-loomed rugs featuring elaborate detail.

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Eight Reasons You Need a Performance Rug

A quality performance rug does much more for you than simply look great on the floor...

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Rug Care Made Easy

No matter what type of rug you own, we have all the tips you need to properly care for it.

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Living Room

Living Room

Living room rugs have one simple rule — the bigger the better. Many people end up with small rugs that float in the center of the room, making the whole space feel smaller and off balance.

Dining Room

Dining Room

Whether you have a round, square or rectangular dining table, the shape of the rug should match. This helps keep the room feeling visually cohesive and fluid.



No one wants to step out onto a cold floor first thing in the morning, so making sure that you purchase a rug large enough to cover the space next to your nightstand is essential.

I want to make my kitchen feel a little warmer and more welcoming. What type of rug should I use?

Indoor/outdoor rugs or performance rugs are great for kitchens due to how easy they are to clean. We also offer kitchen mats with memory foam that feature unmatched cushoning and support if you are spending a lot of time on your feet cooking.

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